SFI – Strong Future International – An Expert Review

If you’re reading this article,you are possibly either an affiliate with SFI, or are thinking of joining SFI in order to make money working from your own home. Personally I am an affiliate with SFI myself, so I know its pros and cons from experience. However, I am hereby listing the advantages and disadvantages to being an SFI affiliate.

SFI has seen it’s beginning in 1998. Gery Carson, a well known successful businessman, is it’s founder. His presence in the business industry goes back to 1985, fouta and throughout the years he’s been featured in lots of business success magazines worldwide.

Sales within SFI are made through it’s subdivision called TripleClicks. There is no fee to join SFI. In order to be eligible for compensation, no purchases are ever required, freelance content creators as the points needed (namely VersaPoints) can be achieved by referring others into the affiliate program and help them get points themselves. However, purchasing from TripleClicks will get you the points in a much quicker and hassle free way. SFI’s compensation plan is widely spread and one can earn commission on up to 7 levels of downline members.

Purchasing rewards buyer with higher points and commissions…but what if you are situated far away from the company location (America)? I purchased some items myself (I’m from Malta). I have to say that service was great, however, shipping charges were definitely not! In other words, pelletnagyker I had to pay more than double the item’s price to have them shipped over. As you can imagine, there were lots of affiliates…including me, who showed their regret about this. Gery Carson came up with a great solution

Basically all affiliates will be able to refer the shops of their own choice to a new E-Commerce Associates gateway. Subject to being accepted, those who opt to become ECA’s will be able to promote and sell their own goods back to back with TripleClicks products at wholesale prices. Every item sold through the ECA program will provide a generous amount of VersaPoints, ensuring better commissions. Moreover, all affiliates will be eligible to receive lifetime royalties on every single sale made worldwide from the shops he/she referred. This is greatly expected to reduce and in some cases even wholly eliminate shipping charges. red light therapy

SFI trains its affiliates through lessons it provides, mostly based on traditional methods. These provide the basics, but for long term one needs extended training which isn’t found in the SFI training.. On long term one would certainly need profound marketing strategies, mostly the art of promoting oneself in front of the business.

How can you be successful in SFI? If you’ve been online marketing previously, you know that for every person who joins your organization, you get nine who won’t. Personally, Shop Pro International I’ve sponsored over 140 people in the SFI business through my own hard work in just three months…but sales made through my down line, resulting in commissions? Plainly it was not worth my effort considering the amount of time I spent marketing online through the traditional system.

So what should you do to grow in SFI? simple! You have to stop practicing traditional techniques. You have to stop promoting SFI or any other venture, and search for the leader inside you. You need to discover how to generate more leads, close more sales, vultrichosting and even monetise all leads who won’t join your primary business. The only way to prosper in SFI or any other MLM is to start promoting yourself and not your business, and move for enormous success.


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