Tropical Island Vacation – Choosing the Right Destination

Think of a tropical island vacation and you think of a golden sunset, a sun drenched beach, blue waters, cool breeze blowing through the palm fronds, and more. These vacations promise so much. There are those who want complete solitude on their vacation and then there are others who want to follow their active day on the beach with an equally active night life. You have great choices in picking the right destinations for your vacation in the tropics.

Many people like to spend their vacation with their families on a tropical island. And why not? There are tropical islands off the coast of Africa, tropical islands in the Caribbean, NFT Monkey Polynesian islands in the Pacific, and the Indonesian islands, among many others. You have the choice of flying down directly to any of these exotic islands or taking a cruise that passes through many of these.


This is a great destination for your tropical island vacation in the southwest of Indian Ocean. This is a perfect vacation destination for families and for couples wanting to reignite the romance in their lives.

It is a great place for deep sea fishing. Visitors have an opportunity to see a variety of sea life including the blue or black marlin, sharks of all types, yellow tuna, the Bonitos, the ’emperor’, charteracatamaraninthebvi the ‘pélerin’, and the barracuda. Mauritius is also a great vacation destination for honeymooners.

There are tour operators who can take you around to see various places of interest. La Cuvette Beach, Grand Bay is a shopping and leisure paradise tourists head for. After a day at the beach you can look forward to a lively night out at restaurants, bars, and discos.

Pereybère is a wonderful public beach popular for its restaurants, pubs, and shopping facilities.

The Maldives

A beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean made up of 26 atolls. It has miles of serene beaches with crystal clear waters. A great place to spend your vacation, it is anyone’s idea of bliss. Vacationers spend the day swimming and snorkeling in its clean waters and lazing in the luxury huts along the beaches.

The Maldives is an excellent destination for vacationers that want to indulge in surfing, bostonhaikusociety windsurfing, snorkeling, water skiing, para-sailing, catamaran sailing, and big game fishing, among other water activities.


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