CPA News Letter

Here is a prototype of a marketing system; forward a personalized “CPA news letter” once a month to your clients, something attractive which will improve client relationship, and bring you more billable hours. You can of course outsource this process by getting someone or company to provide you with the benefits of a professional “CPA news letter”, without you having to do nothing, all this can also be automated, eg: financial/tax articles updated to your site on a monthly basis. This saves on precious time to attend to other matters, instead of having to fight up with research, writing financial articles, doing HTML coding and uploading to your website. For more details please visit these sites:-

If by chance you would like to do it yourself then, make your “CPA news letter” very informative and up to date, don’t fill it with too much of information, provide just enough information to stir up their curiosity, and leave the the detailing for you. All you are trying to accomplish here is to create client relationship, by showing your clients the interest you have towards their development and growth, only by providing them with timely information that will impact their financial future, via gentle reminders through a “CPA news letter” so who will they turn to for financial services besides tax preparation.?

Emailed To Your Clients

You need to keep your firm/company name at the forefront of your client’s minds, by emailing them your “CPA news letter” filled with tax and financial planning tips every month. Have the new visitors that come to your website subscribe to your “CPA news letter.”

Cross Sell Your Services

There will be many of your clients that are not aware of your different services, but through your “CPA news letter” you will be able to give them updates of the latest services and certifications you have available, plus the services you have offered. The question that is left unanswered is! How much money in excess will you make? To give it a conservatively 2% rate, meaning to say if two people opt-in to your “CPA news letter”after reading it for the year, requesting your additional services, you charge them $500-600 for the extra services, you’ll make an extra $1000-$1200 a year from your “CPA news letter”


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